Infranord Components

Infranord is a state-owned limited company that, among other things, maintains Sweden's railways. Infranord Components is Infranord's own production unit and is located in Nässjö. Here they build equipment for signaling technology and manufacture prefabricated railway products on behalf of their customers. Infranord Components has been a customer of NPP for just over five years. Together, we have developed a variety of special solutions, including transformer cabinets and cabinets for monitoring passing wagons.

Most often, Infranord Components only has a list of requirements with measurements and requests for functions or solutions that need to be on the product. After our designers have reviewed the requests and guidelines, the company receives a proposal for how the final product might look. "The collaboration with NPP works very well here," says Bengt-Olof Sandin, Purchasing Manager at Infranord Components and continues: " They often only have measurements and simple functions/requirements to start from and then we get back a finished proposal. We have a good dialogue and NPP are always very responsive and good at understanding our needs”.

Bengt-Olof says that the collaboration and dialogue with NPP has always worked well and that they get a lot of help in the development of their products. "NPP are flexible and responsive, and can come up with solutions according to our wishes, and they also have a good price picture. Then the geographical proximity should not be underestimated, most things can be done at a distance, but sometimes it is convenient to be close to each other".

What is important to consider when choosing a cabinet for your business?
"The outdoor cabinets must be stainless or lacquered. Many of our customers have high demands on how the cabinets should look and what functions they should have, so it is important to us that they are of high quality, and the cabinets from NPP do that".

Infranord Components

NPPs are easy and good to deal with. They are very responsive and professional, and have an understanding of our needs and wishes

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