Melbye Skandinavia

Melbye Skandinavia is one of Scandinavia's leading companies in technical sales and provides innovative products and system solutions for infrastructure within electricity networks and fiber networks. Now we at NPP and Melbye are in the final phase of a new product, a medium voltage cable cabinet for solar and wind power, which we developed together.

Mikael Gustafsson, Product Manager at Melbye says that they were looking for a supplier and got in touch with NPP: " NPP had many ideas and we were able to play with the designers directly, which was very good. Then the environmental aspect was something we looked at. Our products are large and take up space, and if we can have a supplier that is geographically close, we can cut down on transport". He continues: “Another aspect we looked at was that NPP can be responsible for the assembly. We supply all the parts to be accommodated and NPP completes everything so that it is ready to use, which is a big advantage”.

Melbye was very clear about what they wanted the final product to look like and what features were important, but they weren't clear on how it would be attached or look like in terms of appearance. "Here we have tested back and forth to produce a product we are satisfied with. We have also developed a test product that the fitters were able to test and like on site. Based on that, NPP has made changes and improvements and we have been able to accommodate all different aspects, needs and wishes”.

According to Mikael, the advantages of special cabinets are that you can control it how you want it and make exactly the adjustments you need. At the same time, he points out that it is important to still stay within the framework and make a market-attractive product and not float too much.

"The collaboration has worked really well. It is worth its weight in gold to be able to talk to the designer directly and share ideas and wishes, and above all to get an answer immediately and not have to wait for several days," concludes Mikael.

Melbye Skandinavia

It is worth its weight in gold to be able to talk to the designer directly and discuss ideas and wishes

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