About NPP

NPP, which is part of the LGBT Group, is Sweden's leading manufacturer of special cabinets and machine covers

Our customers are mainly located in the Nordic countries. They mainly work with the manufacture of applications, products and systems in sectors such as industry, transport, construction, marine, energy and fiber. Through our customers' products, our cabinets are used all over the world and in a variety of different environments.

Our business is based on solid teamwork in close interaction with the customer, through several overlapping phases from pre-study/design to optimization and logistics.

A characteristic of the entire process is that it is imbued with a holistic view of and basic understanding of the individual customer's specific needs. With this quality-assured methodology, an efficient production facility, as well as the associated painting option, we can offer our customers high-quality and customer-adapted complete cabinet solutions that create profitability for both parties.


Turnover: 10 MEUR
Number of employees: 43 Manufacturing area: 10,000 square meters
Headquarters and manufacturing: Nässjö


NPP must be the customers' first choice for special cabinets.

Business idea

NPP shall meet customers' needs for special enclosures from construction to delivery in a professional and efficient manner.

Why NPP?

Experience with complex enclosures

Flexible partner all the way

Construction and design according to the customer's desired classification and requirements


Swedish-made products of high quality

Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

No post-processing with a special cabinet

High tightness with our seamless sealing strip

Customer-tailored logistics system