Förstudie & Design

Preliminary study & Design

The fact that we together with our customers carry out a thorough needs analysis is crucial for us to ultimately be able to deliver as functional and cost-effective a solution as possible. In addition to function and design, we also look at the requirements set for the environment in which the product will be found and specific industry requirements, which can apply to everything from standards to environmental laws.

As part of our offer, we work to not only fulfill the customer's requirement specifications, but also to find even better and smarter solutions. This also applies in cases where we receive finished drawings from the customer. A small change can mean that a final product becomes more cost-effective and functional.

We draw in SolidWorks 2023 and therefore produce a design proposal in 3D. Via eDrawing, we can send over the design proposal in 3D, which gives our customers a visual image of what the final product will look like. This service is highly appreciated by our customers.


Job estimate

Based on customer drawings, design details and quality, we create a simulated production preparation in the ERP system Monitor which then forms the basis of our offer to the customer. Since we have a great understanding of how the design proposal affects the job estimate we already adapt the design at that stage to offer a cost effective product and as favorable job estimate as possible.

Our job estimates always include a specification of the product materials, finishing and met quality standards. Whether it's smaller customized cabinets or large, complex projects, our aim is always to quickly provide the customer with a job estimate. Put us to the test!



With customer's drawings, design proposals and job estimates as a basis, we go through the steps needed to complete an order. We adapt the approach to each client's unique needs. It can be anything from short runs to call-off agreements or lengthy contracts.


An effective design department is very important when it comes to customizations. Since we work in the 3D software SolidWorks it is quick and easy to design and make changes.

With the starting point of the job estimate and design proposal, we develop a complete production base for manufacturing. Production engineering drawings are prepared and connected to all production departments. In this way, we ensure that we always manufacture products with proper revision and customer requirements.

Kontroll & Klassificering

Control & Classification

The cabinets are placed in different exposed environments and places with different requirements. To ensure that these requirements are met, certain cabinets are classified according to IP. NPP has a long experience of this and take care of the entire process.

We can also contribute our experience in UL and EX classifications. A close relationchip

with Rise, former SP (National Testing Authority), is the basis for us to quickly conduct tests of various kinds. Our design solutions therefore correspond to the requirements which the final product must meet. Our ambition is that this will streamline the cost and facilitate the choice for our customers.



Our modern production facility at 10 000m2 is designed to cope with a highly variable quantity production, from small batches and prototypes to large series of several thousand units. To cope with such a large variation we automate some stations while in other stations we focus on short setup times. Please look at the film which gives an insight into our production.

We are the principal owners of a powder coating company called QPC which is located next door to our production. This is a big advantage for us, partly because QPC is specialized specifically for customer specific products in various sizes and partly because we avoid the expensive and time consuming transportation. Great emphasis is placed on high corrosion resistance and short setup times. Read more at



An important part of the work process is quality control and evaluation of the product. Apart from the designer being able to follow up his product before delivery, all production staff have the opportunity to express their view on how to simplify or improve the product for the production to flow smoothly. This continuous product development results in that we have optimized products of high quality and with good economy.

Optimization also means that we will deliver a product fully assembled according to the customer's desires. If there is a desire for us to provide all or part of the assembly this is a service we are willing to provide.



All goods are loaded and unloaded indoors ensuring that the goods will be affected neither by rain nor dirt. For us it is important that the client not only get their products, but also that they get them at the right time and in bite-sized volumes. We therefore offer various solutions related to storage and logistics to meet our customers' varying needs. For example, we can work towards forecasting and have products in stock when the customer desires. Learn more about Logistics & Shipping.