Alimak is a global market-leading company in the manufacture of vertical transport solutions for the industrial and construction sectors. Alimak Skellefteå provides both permanent and temporary industrial lifts, construction lifts and work platforms based on rack and wire lift technology.

What have you bought from NPP?
"We mainly buy electrical enclosures," says Christer Eriksson, Local Category Manager at Alimak Skellefteå, and continues: " We deliver to a very broad market, which means that we have many different requirements for our cabinets. It is important that they are stainless and today not all suppliers work with this material so that NPP does it is a big advantage. Then the tightness is incredibly important as we are high on the IP classification".

Alimak has been a customer of NPP in two rounds. About five years ago, they put all their production abroad, which ended the collaboration with NPP. When Christer started at Alimak Skellefteå, he wanted to broaden the number of suppliers and then NPP became an obvious choice.

" We chose NPP for several reasons, I did extensive research and NPP is in a class of its own when it comes to quality, as well as order and order. We had been a customer of NPP several years before and they had drawings saved and our needs in good order," says Christer. He continues: "For us, the USA is an important market and in order to work with them, you have to be UL certified, which NPP is" .

"The collaboration has worked very well, we have good communication and always get quick feedback regardless of whether it concerns quotes or changes to the products. At the same time, the delivery time is reasonable, which is of course very important," concludes Christer Eriksson.


NPP is very good at service, quality and delivery time

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