Quality & Environment

NPP is certified according to ISO 9001 och ISO 14001

Business policy
Our goal is to develop, manufacture and deliver products that always meet our customers' requirements and expectations with knowledgeable and motivated personnel in dialogue with the customer.
The right quality is our guarantee for profitability and long-term survival.

Basic principles to achieve our goal:
By our employees having sufficient knowledge, high motivation and good insight into customers' requirements and wishes, we can achieve;

  • High delivery precision
  • The right quality of manufactured products
  • Reduce the business's environmental impact, e.g. through efficient resource consumption
  • Achieve set operational goals with the ambition to constantly improve
  • Through continuous and preventive work, we shall improve our quality and environmental performance, production process and our operating system.
  • Our routines and working methods must meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards as well as AFS 2001:1 (SAM) in order to thereby ensure high product quality, consideration for the environment and a good business and work environment.
  • Environmental work must be characterized by a holistic view and guided by what is technically possible and economically reasonable.
  • The business must be conducted in such a way that the environment is protected by preventing pollution and that raw materials and energy are used efficiently.
  • We must have a physical and psychological work environment that facilitates and highlights the unique abilities of our employees. We must work preventively to reduce the risk of occupational injuries and accidents.
  • Damage to people, property or the environment must not occur due to fire. To achieve this, we must systematically work on improving our fire protection.
  • The various requirements of the authorities are minimum levels that must be met.