Elpro Alingsås is a supplier of various electrical solutions to companies primarily in industry. Together with NPP, they are currently developing an enclosure for one of their newest customers. Here there are very specific wishes and ideas, which made them decide to take help from NPP. Henrik Karlsson, who is Marketing and Sales Manager at Elpro, says that the collaboration with NPP has worked very well. "NPP is very attentive and responsive and sees solutions to everything. They have an enormous amount of knowledge, while being flexible and clear. Then the quality of the products is very high, which is incredibly important," says Henrik.

Advantages of special cabinets
Henrik believes that there is a perception that you can save construction time by choosing a standard cabinet, but he believes that if you can, for example, put the components in a different order from what is standard or prepare for the contents of another way, you can facilitate the installation and gain a lot from it.

" Then it's also positive that you can choose the color and shape and thus get an enclosure that fits in with your surroundings," says Henrik.

"The most important thing is to choose the right enclosure for the right customer, and that's where special enclosures come in. I have looked at standard enclosures made for fuses, but see that they let in both air and moisture, which is definitely not good if the product is to be left outside. So the most important thing is to look at the environment in which the product will stand and choose based on that, and here I believe that special enclosures are the best solution,"concludes Henrik.


NPP are very attentive and responsive and see solutions to everything

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