Identic develops, manufactures and delivers products, systems and software that register and manage refueling and fluids of vehicles at vehicle depots with a focus on public transport. The vehicles receive, among other things, equipment that ensures efficient and safe refuelling. "We are the market leader in our field of activity and we deliver equipment, services and cloud-based software that enable our customers to more efficiently monitor and optimize their vehicle fleet," says Richard Holt, CEO at Identic.

Identic has been a customer of NPP for a long time and has bought several different products over the years. Currently, we mainly deliver a cabinet cabinet that their equipment sits in. " The biggest reason why we cooperate with NPP is because you deliver high quality products" says Richard Holt and continues :

"The feedback we get from users is that it is a durable quality product, which is important to us".

The main reason why Identic chooses special products over standard is that it ends up being both simpler and more functional. Above all, they have high demands on ventilation, for which a special cabinet can be adapted. "For us, quality is very important, above all the finish and surface treatment. The cabinets are placed in an environment that is exposed to a lot of moisture, which the cabinets must cope with.

We don't want a product that rusts after six months," says Richard.  

At Identic, they have an ongoing product development discussion where, together with NPP, they look at improvement opportunities regarding the cabinets, but also how they can make production more efficient. "Our products have a lifespan of over 20 years, which means that we constantly have to see how we can make improvements on all levels," concludes Richard.


We don't want a product that rusts after six months

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