Cami Gruppen

Cami Gruppen is one of Sweden's leading development and manufacturing players in area protection, automation and access systems. The group offers turnkey customized area protection, as well as automatic gates. We at NPP provide, among other things, electrical cabinets and protective hoods in various sizes for the motors of their gates.

Steinar Haugen, CEO at Cami says that they previously had problems with their supplier regarding delivery security, quality and support. Therefore, they began to look around for a new partner to collaborate with. "We came into contact with NPP and got a good impression, which made us choose NPP as a new supplier,"says Steinar.

Over the years, Cami Gruppen and NPP have worked out a good process to make the work cost-effective, where NPP keeps a certain part of the products in stock . "What I appreciate about NPP is that we are treated as an important customer where they understand our situation and really try to solve our assignments and challenges," says Steinar and continues: "NPP is very solution-oriented and has a strong customer focus."

According to Steinar, an important part of the collaboration with NPP is that they can come up with special special solutions and that NPP always produces the best solutions according to their specific requirements and wishes. "NPP are incredibly proactive and knowledgeable, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, which means that we are constantly developing and producing good products for our customers," concludes Steinar.

Cami Gruppen

For us, it is very important to have good communication and we feel that we get that from NPP, then they are also very solution-oriented, which is appreciated

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