Delta Nordic

Delta Nordic is a system supplier for particularly challenging environments and delivers solutions for electrical and electronic systems. They have been customers of NPP for many years and buy enclosures for their power electronics and power automation. The enclosures are specially made and customized based on the specific wishes of their customers.

"NPP's strength lies in the proximity and flexibility with us as a customer. There are short decision paths and lead times. Then NPP can contribute a lot with its competence at an early stage already in the development phase, which is a big advantage"

says Arne Nilsson, Preparation, Purchasing & Project planning Calculation & Preparation at Delta Nordic.

For Delta Nordic, it is very important with communication and that the supplier they work with is responsive and understands their thoughts, needs and possible questions. According to Arne, it is above all important to communicate when something does not go according to plan, because then it is often easier to solve the problems or adapt to them . "The collaboration with NPP has worked well, but as with all long relationships, there are ups and downs. On the other hand, communication has developed and it is now functioning well and we know where we have each other," says Arne.

Arne believes that the best thing about NPP is that there is a very consistent quality of the products. He looks forward to a continued long-term collaboration where we develop the products together and give the end customers what they are asking for.

Delta Nordic

NPP are very flexible and adapt if conditions or wishes change along the way

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