Midac Nordic AB

Midac Nordic AB sells and services batteries and chargers for everything that goes on wheels such as trucks, AGVs, cleaning machines, electric wheelchairs etc. to customers throughout the Nordics. For them, we bring out cabinets that their chargers sit in. The cabinets are then placed outdoors and protect the chargers from weather and wind, as well as external influences.

"We chose to start collaborating with NPP as we received good treatment and feedback and shared the same goal image. We get the help we need with tips and ideas on what to think about, which makes the final product good," says Christer Sundborg, salesperson at Midac Nordic AB.

What is good about NPP?
"We get quick answers and the delivery is good, which we appreciate."

Midac Nordic AB

We get the help we need with tips and ideas on how to think, which makes the end product good

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