NPP manufacture customized cabinets and machine clothing according to the customer’s desires.

NPP Sheet Metal Products

NPP offers customized cabinets and machine clothing in different sectors such as marine, transportation, construction, industry and broadband.

We manufacture all kinds of enclosures, from smaller junction boxes and electrical cabinets to larger floor boxes and machine clothing.

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A leading performer

Today we have about 200 purchasing customers in the Nordic countries, which make us a leading provider of customized cabinets.

Our products are of high quality and are manufactured in most materials such as sheets of steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant, electroplate and aluminum.

We have helped our clients with diverse projects such as enclosures, fiber cabinets, control cabinets, media cabinets, machine clothing and stainless steel cabinets.

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Nässjö Plåtprodukter AB
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Phone: +46 0380 - 514 700
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Nässjö Plåtprodukter AB
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