Stainless customized cabinets to Norwegian Ellingsen

NPP meets the need for customized stainless steel cabinets for the offshore environment in Norway. The cabinets to the oil rigs are manufactured with unique piercing which shortens the installation time.

Ellingsen Nor Instruments is a Norwegian company that sells complete solutions for process control of valves and instrumentation to the oil industry and the marine industry.

The requirement of corrosion protection is high since the cabinets are placed in extreme and demanding environments, such as on ships and oil rigs. The cabinets also have to withstand strong winds, even when the doors are open. To Ellingsen it is also important that the cabinets can be installed quickly and easily on site. Time is money, especially on the oil rigs located offshore.

NPP manufactures precision-fit floor cabinets and wall cabinets in stainless steel to Ellingsen. Massive external hinges combined with powerful door brakes and welded door reinforcements make the doors stable, even during bad weather. We punch unique holes in the cabinets for quick and easy installation. With our special cabinets we meet all of Ellingsen's needs regarding piercing, anti-corrosion and strength.  Ellingsen


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