EMC protected control cabinets to Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval contacted NPP desiring a more customized solution of the control cabinet for cleaning ballast water in ships. They had previously used two cabinets for the purpose, but now desired to replace these in favor of a single customized cabinet.

Alfa Laval is a company which develops and delivers systems for effective cleaning of ballast water in ships. The system PureBallast prevents the spread of microorganisms from the oceans, which otherwise may lead to the collapse of the natural ecosystem.

This system previously used to large cabinets that were screwed together back to back. NPP was contacted to meet the need for a more customized solution. Strength and corrosion protection were crucial requirements. Through a solid welded construction, powder coated with both a protective base layer as well as with topcoat, the need was satisfied. After a thorough analysis and precise construction, a customized prototype cabinet as a replacement for the two cabinets was prepared. By combining purpack and EMC sealing, the requirements for density and EMC protection of sensitive electronics were met.

As a result this cooperation has worked very satisfactorily and NPP currently manufactures cabinets periodically on forecasting to meet the need of short lead times. To further simplify and streamline Alfa Laval's production, NPP has already initiated the development and manufacturing of next-generation control cabinets.

"Collaborating with NPP works very smoothly. NPP has a deep knowledge of manufacturing, while they also have an understanding of the customer's needs. It leads to good and innovative solutions that are produced in an interaction between us."Jonas Alvan, Project Manager at Alfa LavalAlfa Laval


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