Tripod and machine clothing to system 3R

Our stable metal tripod serves as storage for large work pieces that can be automatically switched in Workpartner 1+ sold by System 3R. The lining of sheet encapsulates the machine and makes it an attractive design product.

System 3R is the leading provider of productivity enhancing tools and methods in engineering. The work includes the automatic changing of work pieces and palettes to control machines. This requires metal tripods with high precision.

Previously System 3R bought tripods consisting of welded hollow sections, which are then processed in milling machines. At NPP we had the chance to produce a plate tripod to thereby reduce costs. We replaced the tripod made from hollow sections with bent sheet metal plates which are then welded together. During this project the need for precision and quality was high since the palettes must fit perfectly.

We engineered the metal components in a way that allowed them to fix to each other when being welded and in this way we could keep the small tolerances required. For the tripod we also made protective machine clothing in sheet metal, where design such as rounded corners was a requirement from System 3R. We solved this by bending the details with high precision into the desired radius.

Since NPP offers System 3R a customized logistics solution, we can produce these tripods and sheet metal covers on frame order which is then called up as needed. This has resulted in savings for System 3R, both financially and logistically. System 3R

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