Complete cabinets for BAGA

At BAGA’s request we handle wiring and installation of all electrical equipment to the cabinet. After packaging with special packaging the cabinet is ready for installation directly with the end customer.

BAGA Water Technology is active in water management. They both develop and sell various solutions for missions such as sludge separation and purification.

Since BAGA's treatment plants must withstand the elements for a long time, there are tough requirements for the cabinet devices at the treatments plants containing measuring equipment. The desire has been to purchase the cabinet fully assembled so that it can be installed in place without even opening the packaging.

NPP's CMT welding robot is able to weld in galvanized steel plate, which means we can produce corrosion-resistant cabinets without the use of stainless steel. Therefore we could cater BAGA's requirements for corrosion protection by manufacturing the cabinet in galvanized steel plate and then powder lacquer it with both a base coat of paint and a topcoat. BAGA provides NPP with all input equipment which we keep in stock, connect and mount. A customized packaging with two holes on the lower side allows the cabinet to be mounted on the poles where it will sit while the packaging is still on.Since the start of our collaboration with BAGA in 2010 we have delivered over 1600 complete cabinet devices of high quality.
"The good thing with having these cabinets manufactured by NPP is the flexibility. We can control if we want to postpone the deliveries and thus optimize our warehouse. All materials used for these cabinets are stocked at NPP even though it is owned by its customers and NPP helps with inventory when needed.
" Linda Kronholm, Purchaser at BAGABaga


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