Fiber cabinets to Danish Sydenergi

We provide easy, installation friendly fiber cabinets to Sydenergi. The cabinets are made of aluminum and coated in different colors depending on the environment in which they will be placed.

Sydenergi is a Danish company providing complete solutions in energy, internet, television and telephony. For this they use cabinets in which they install fiber broadband and which are supposed to blend into the social environment.

NPP identified Sydenergi as an interesting prospectus in connection with an extensive survey of the Danish customized cabinets market. On this occasion Sydenergi used a Danish supplier, however the supplied cabinets were of substandard quality. Thanks to this, NPP got the opportunity to show off and after having surpassed the Danish competitor regarding both price and quality, we have remained as the obvious choice as a supplier for Sydenergi.

Because of a Danish legal requirement regarding how heavy a technician gets to lift, it took two people to install a fiber cabinet. We were then free to develop the cabinet so that it would perform with the same function and performance requirements as before but with a lower weight. After changing the material from 1, 5 mm galvanized steel plate to 2 mm coated aluminum we could get the weight down so much that only one technician was required to lift the cabinet. This has generated significant economic benefits for Sydenergi, now able to reduce the number of technicians required to get the cabinets installed.

We have cooperated with Sydenergi for a number of years and have delivered thousands of customized fiber cabinets to Denmark. Learn more about our fiber cabinet's concept!
Syd Energi

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