Media cabinets to Hexatronic

Simplified media cabinets for installation of optical fibers in apartments create profitability for Hexatronic. The petite cabinets are painted white and easily blend into the environment in the apartments.

Hexatronic is a fast growing company which, among other things, provides its own product portfolio in broadband through fiber to households. The product range also includes products for other communications technology such as television and telephony.

As Hexatronic advances in the market, they also get inquiries on several major projects. A request from Linden in Nässjö was made concerning broadband deployment for approximately 1,800 apartments.

Since the price and flexibility is of great importance in such projects Hexatronic turned to NPP. The assignment was to develop a new media cabinet, specially adapted for the components to be installed. Via our design proposals in 3D, we could discuss different ideas and solutions before we found an optimal design. The result was a sleek little media cabinet, without unnecessary equipment, which can be manufactured at a low cost.

Our prototype met all expectations and in turn Hexatronic won the contract to Linden Real Estate. Since then we have produced and delivered the 1800 cabinets involved in the project and Hexatronic have been very satisfied.
"The best thing about NPP is the flexibility, responsiveness, their technical knowledge and personal service, and their ability to customize solutions to meet customer requirements and assist with improvements in the technical solution"
Ove Almersson, Marketing Manager Hexatronic

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